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Last Updated: July 10, 2023

Terms and Conditions

  • There are two distinct varieties of fares: cited and changeable.
  • Variable tariffs consist of a basic fee and additional costs depending on the time and distance of your travel. For especially short journeys, minimum rates may apply.
  • Estimated travel costs in rare situations, we may offer you a fee at the moment of the demand. The pricing is prone to revision till the ride demand is verified.
  • You may well be billed a “Service Fee” for every ride as laid out on the site.
  • At peak times for Services (“Peak Hours”), you agree that Charges may rise dramatically. When you demand a ride that has a varying fare, we would then make every effort to notify you of any Prime-Time multiplications that are currently in effect.
  • You can cancel a ride through the app after you have requested it; however, you should be aware that in some instances, a cancellation fee may be applicable. If you fail to respond after seeking a ride, you may be subject to additional fees.
  • If a Driver complains that you have substantially harmed the Driver’s car, you end up having to pay a “Damages Fee” based on the degree of the damage.
  • There is a possibility that your ride will incur additional fees and surcharges.
  • After a ride, you will have the option of giving a tip to your Driver either in cash or via the app. Any suggestions will be given entirely to the driver who was responsible for the trip.

You acknowledge and agree that, in connection with your use of our Platform and your involvement in the Services, you will not do the following:

  • Assume the identity of any other person or entity;
  • To follow, threaten, or harass in any other way another person, or to carry any kind of weapon;
  • Breach of any law, legislation, rule, permission, ordinance, or guideline;
  • Intrude with or interrupt the functionality of the platform or any of the servers or networks that are attached to our platform;
  • If you share info or communicate with the platform or services in a way that is fraudulent, libelous, aggressive and violent, disorderly, lewd and lascivious, harassing, or legally questionable, you are in violation of this section.
  • It is forbidden to rent, mortgage, lend, sell, disseminate, license, or distribute access to any component of our Platform;
  • You may not provide your user account, login, or identity to any other person, nor may you sell or trade them.
  • Prejudice against someone or harass anybody based on race, country affiliation, creed, sexuality, gender identification, physical or mental impairment, health problem, family status, religion, or sexual orientation.

Agreements, Representations, and Warranties Made by the Driver

  • Our Service Animal Policy requires that you provide appropriate accommodations for riders and/or service animals.
  • As part of the Agreement, you agree to allow us to access your criminal and driving records, and you agree to supply any further authorizations that may be required to do so.
  • To operate the vehicle, you use to deliver services, you must have valid liability insurance that names or schedules you as the named or scheduled insured under the policy.
  • You are responsible for paying any taxes associated with the performance of your Services and the receipt of any payments.
  • Do not deceive us or riders in any way while using our Platform or while providing Services. We reserve the right to withhold appropriate Fares or other payments for the ride(s) in issue if we have reason to believe you have committed fraud.
  • Your driver’s license is current, and you have been cleared by your doctor to operate a motor vehicle. You also have the necessary permits, licenses, and authorization to carry passengers in all areas where you conduct your services.
  • All relevant statutory and state Department of Motor Vehicle criteria for a vehicle of its type must be met by the vehicle you use to provide the Services. You own or have the legal right to drive the vehicle you use.
  • If you are delivering services, you would not take street hails, a bill for trips, request that a passenger pay cash, or just use a debit or credit card, to make money or participate in any activity that really is incompatible with the obligations hereunder.

A maximum of seven (7) people may be safely accommodated in a vehicle that has been registered to and authorized. You will not carry any more passengers than this maximum number of people on any one trip.